Our Story

See Through BS

From Cincinnati To Global waters

Meet Josh, the mastermind behind Black Shades, hailing all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio. This dude has been on an epic adventure for the past decade, soaking up diverse cultures and exploring breathtaking spots around the globe. With an unbreakable bond to the ocean and its mesmerizing creatures, Josh's heart beats for the deep blue. Before his globetrotting escapades, he even hung out with manatees at the Cincinnati Zoo, igniting his fire for conservation.

Right from the get-go, Black Shades has been fueled by Josh's unwavering dedication to ocean conservation and the well-being of marine life. Our whole crew is totally on board, sharing his passion for sustainability and taking a stand against the toxic waste polluting our seas.

At Black Shades, we are proud to partner with 1% for the Planet and Big Blue Ocean, two organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship and ocean conservation. Through our collaboration with 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales to support impactful environmental initiatives, such as Save the Manatee Club.

Our Commitment

Since day one, our goal has been to make badass sunglasses that not only protect your eyes but also do some serious good for our planet. We're all about sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing to keep our environmental footprint in check.

But we're not stopping there, dawg. We're actively backing initiatives and organizations that are hustling hard to clean up our oceans and restore those precious marine ecosystems.

By rocking Black Shades, you join our crew in the epic battle against plastic pollution.

Live Like The Dawg

Black Shades owes much of its success and identity to our beloved mascot and top sunglass model, Frank.

Frank perfectly embodies our laid back, chill vibes attitude while also showcasing our love for vibrant shades of color and unique sunglass designs.

Since we started this journey, Frank has been there every step of the way. He has rocked Black Shades on beaches all around the world and has shown us how to look like a badass while also cleaning up the ocean!

Keeping Frank as the face of our brand, we are excited to introduce a new dimension that will be symbolized by a majestic turtle, representing our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and ocean conservation.

a Brand on a Mission

The Black Shades story is all about passion, purpose, and our deep love for the oceans.

From our founder's epic journey and commitment to marine conservation to our chill eco-friendly products and rad partnerships with 1% for the Planet and Big Blue Ocean, we're making waves, dawg.

Join us on this journey to protect the oceans, ditch plastic waste, and rock a sustainable future. Together, we'll ride the tide of change.