Kraken's Lair

Polarized | UV400
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  • Polarized Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Saltwater Resistant
  • Biobased Acetate Frames

Behold the Kraken, the enormous legendary sea monster that lives deep in the oceanic waters of Scandinavia. Some say the reported sightings are just giant squids - others believe the Kraken is alive and well. We imagine the Kraken's lair is dark and deep, just like the lens color of these shades.
Slip these shades on and become a legend in your own right!

Eco-Friendly Materials

Crafted from aerospace-grade Recycled Aluminum Alloy, these frames not only offer exceptional strength, lightness, and resistance to marine atmosphere and salt water corrosion, but also contribute to energy and resource conservation. Being highly recyclable ♻, aluminum has a remarkable sustainability record, with nearly 75% of all aluminum produced still in use today.

All included accessories are all made from RPET and upcycled wetsuits.

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Clamshell Case, Lens Cloth, Assorted Stickers, Cloth Case, Strap

Swag included with each order

All accessories are crafted from recycled materials, including RPET and upcycled wet suits, each piece is a sustainable statement!

Shop guilt-free and add an exciting touch to your purchase while reducing waste!


Thank you for your support in our mission to remove 1lb of ocean plastic with each pair sold.

Together, we're making a difference and saving our ocean!